Everything You Need to Know from a 100 Year Old

I’m borrowing this from Success Magazine’s article about Dan Buettner’s research on 100 year old people. It is in the June 2013 issue and I suggest you read it. He lists 9 Habits shared by these people. Here are a few. Note how natural they are and how easily implemented they can be for each of us.

  1. Know your purpose. 
  2. Find a de-stressing ritual.
  3. Follow the 80% rule. Eat until you are 80% full.
  4. Learn to love vegetables.
  5. Pour a glass of wine.
  6. Be part of a community
  7. Put loved ones first

There are 2 more and each habit is briefly explained. Find it. Read it. For whatever reason this article has not just touched me, it made an impression. Instead of worrying about your freaking twitter feed pay attention to the small, meaningful things around us. I don’t know if 100 is a goal for me, but the lifestyle to get there makes infinitely great sense.


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