Get In Sync with Your Client/Prospect/Friend

So how do I get in sync with someone? and why is it important? This is one of the core teaching subjects in my consulting/mentoring practice. Do these things and watch your business and personal relationships reach the levels of success you seek…

Start synchronizing within seconds of making a new acquaintance.

The elemental stages of a successful first encounter…

  • use open body language.  Uncover your heart by leaving your jacket or coat unbuttoned and facing the other person.
  • be first with eye contact.  Look the other person straight in the eye.
  • always have a smile.
  • always be the first to identify yourself with a pleasant, “Hi! I’m Sarah.”
  • lean subtly toward the other person to show your interest and openness, and begin to synchronize.
  • pick-up on the other person’s feelings and identify with him by synchronizing your movements, breathing patterns, and expressions.  Use your voice to reflect back the mood conveyed by his voice.  Don’t copy her clumsily, rather notice her posture, gestures, head, body movements, and facial expressions…and mirror them.

Particularly important: Mirror his/her voice tone, volume, speed, and pitch.


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