Idea for the New Year

I am unapologetic about copying Lisa Ocker’s article from Success Magazine January 2014 issue. These are her suggestions for making 2014 the best year ever. It’s nothing we haven’t seen, but are we doing them? Pass them along to family, friends, co-workers, customers. And get started. 

Set Goals: Just Do It.

Take Small Steps: Take Action. Commit to easy steps and get started. Now.                                                                                                 

Get A Mentor: Someone has the knowledge you seek. Coach!

Read: 10 pages per day will make you a better you faster than you can imagine.

Improve Productivity: Multi-tasking isn’t. Track your time.

Rise Early: Quiet time. It’s important.

Get an Accountability Partner:  See Get A Mentor.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do: Life is short. Go for it.

Journal: Keep the ideas.

Practice mindfulness: Focus on now. Improve effectiveness, well-being, longevity.

Expand your Capabilities: Become a better you. Read, listen to Cds, attend seminars, take a course.

Seek Wonder: See the world through a child’s eyes. Experience awe. Let yourself do it. It’s amazing.    

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