Emergency Operating Plan

Develop it Now

Every business needs an Emergency Plan. The “what do I do” when various things happen that prevent us from being 100% in our business. Have your employees help you develop this plan.

Several times in the past two months the southeastern states have experienced heavier than usual snow and ice. Our brothers further north will chuckle at us, but they know how to deal with it.

Four days ago it struck again. Businesses and schools closed. Power has still not been restored to large numbers of homes. Trees are down. School is closed. It’s a mess.

This is one of those times when you and your employees need to know what to do. What if I can’t get to work? What if ….? Many businesses can’t operate in these conditions or have to operate remotely or delayed.  When everyone knows what to do without having to call you, look it up on a website or just wonder about it, then you have a staff who can help you run your business better. Morale is better, there is less confusion. Business may stutter step, but it can continue.

What if you had a system for calling all employees just to check on them? To find out if they were ok  or if they needed something. You know, you call three people and they call three, so on. What would it mean to a family whom you could help out of a tough situation? Just because you cared enough to call. What would that do for their morale? How about how the other employees knowing that you cared enough to help a peer? Don’t delay. Put a Plan in place now.

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