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Always There

April 15, 2014

Several things are ‘always there’ in life. See what you can make of this one.

I am your constant companion; I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.

I am at your command. Half of the tasks that you do you might just as well turn over to me and I will do them quickly and correctly.

I am easily managed; you must merely be firm with me. Show me exactly how you want something done. After a few lessons, I will do it automatically.

I am the servant of all great people and the regret of all failures as well. Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures.

I am not a machine but I will work with all its precision plus the intelligence of a person.

Now you may run me for profit or you may run me for ruin. It makes no difference to me. Take me, train me, be firm with me and I will lay the world at your feet.

I am called ‘habit.’

Author Unknown
( I received this in a newsletter today and liked it)

When It Truly Counts

April 2, 2014

What it’s Really About

Serving the customer. It gets tossed around in every sales meeting. We’ve got to improve. It’s the way we will grow. It’s the king. It’s the…you get the idea. This is a true story. It is a story about service of the first order, and how it works.

Bonnie is a mortgage lender. Sixteen years ago she wasn’t the veteran she is now, but she was no rookie either. Yet, her reputation for helping people was spreading. The young, newly-wed couple sat across her desk. The wife was apprehensive. A few years before she had been through a devastating divorce. It  had depleted her financial strength and she feared her credit rating would ruin their chance of buying the house they wanted.   Bonnie was able to help them with the loan. Dream house secured.

Forward 16 years to a chance meeting between Bonnie and the wife. A lady approached Bonnie and asked if she recognized her. Bonnie, ever the diplomat, acknowledged she did but didn’t remember her name. The lady re-introduced herself, then apologized to Bonnie. She admitted that 16 years ago she had feared a loan for their home would not be possible. She had been scared, intimidated, ashamed and truly anxious ridden. She told Bonnie she was delinquent because she had not thanked Bonnie for helping them and was ashamed for her lack of manners. She was indebted to Bonnie for the dignity with which she had been treated. For the way Bonnie had made them feel special and comfortable. For giving them hope when it truly didn’t look like much was available.

Bonnie’s day was made. One of those blue bird events that puts you on top of the world.

Here’s the message: Everyone wants to be financially successful. You want to collect your commission, paycheck, whatever. You go through all the right motions. You take care of a client and expect the reward. Hold it a second. When we realize that our future is built on how we make other people feel not just performing our service, then we have a shot at the financial rewards. They make our future, not the reverse. Customer service? Yeah, it’s important. But it is only effective when put ourselves on the other side of the table and treat the client accordingly.

What a special feeling Bonnie has. She gave a young person dignity, confidence and comfort. Done with grace, humility and professionalism.