De-Coding the Path to Success, Principle # 1

How Big Achievers Do It!!
Just 7 Principles? That’s what they asked. Some authors like Mr. Jack Canfield have filled truly great books with many more than 7 things you need to do. My excuse is that these are the actions I’ve observed over a 40+ year involvement with people and businesses seeking success. Let me say here that ‘success’ is how you define it. Not the definition put on you by someone else.
So, here’s number 1, and if you know me then you see it coming from across the room….Goals and Plans. Yep, there they are. All successful clients, businesses in general have well defined goals and a written plan to achieve them. Change the Goals and Plan as you need to and as time, economy dictate. But don’t be a drive-by goal setter. “I tried that once and nuthin’ happened in 3 months, so I quit.”
This is the easiest and frankly most fun part of business. You get to dream! Then go out and do it.


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