De-Coding the Path to Success, Principle #2

How Big Achievers Do It
Principle #1 and #2 are tied for first regarding which is most important. We require both. Period. So, number 2 is defining our Purpose, our Why. Roy M. Spence, Jr., wrote a book on how to define Purpose: It’s Not What You Sell It’s What You Stand For. Get it. Purpose goes beyond making money, profits are a by-product of a business. Purpose goes to your core and is why we do what we do. If that’s too soft of a skill then I suggest you look at Southwest Air, WalMart, The PGA, MasterCard, Bill Clinton, Jim Collins, John Deere, the U.S. Air Force, among a long list that Spence has helped define their Purpose. It’s why we get up in the morning and why anyone would care. Quoting Roy, “The journey starts with understanding of the difference you want to make in the world. What do we believe in? What do we believe the organization is here to do? What difference does it ultimately make in the lives of the people it is trying to serve?”
It’s a “soft skill” and the one that can take us out of the economic winter we are in and deliver us on the other side…successfully.


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