De-Coding the Path to Success, Principle # 4

How Big Achievers Do It
Change Where Did These Go:? phone booths go? Where did the tobacco industry go? … it was once HUGE here and in North Carolina….where is it now? What’s the life expectancy of the printed phone book/yellow pages or of a dictionary? Time teaches us that we have to learn about Adapting to Change, Accepting Change, Having Change crammed down our throats, being legislated with Change, and Evolving Changes. When events happen and we don’t exactly ‘change’ with the tide of that event what happens?…why don’t we change? Could FEAR be one reason? So, we have to learn about facing FEAR.
In the 1980s I worked with a consulting firm. Our clients were banks and S&Ls.Among other things we helped them address the De-Regulation that was being legislated on them.
Here’s how they addressed their new environment:
• The survivors developed their strategy, got very clear on who/what they were going to be and how they would get there.
• They acknowledged that a knight does not go into battle without a shield. No matter whether he knows the direction from which his enemy is approaching. Strategies are like that shield. They are an absolute necessity.
• They were bulldog in their focus.
• They were disciplined about the position they would take or assume in the financial services industry.
• They set Goals
• and they worked with a deep purpose to implement their Strategies.
We helped them develop and implement goals and strategies,and new ideas, and we also watched the hand-wringers and the ones who did virtually nothing. Those who didn’t take action….well it’s real simple……they’re gone! How many S& L’s can you name right now? How many were around in the 1980s?
Goals, plans and strategies enable me to help my clients control the direction of change. With goals we can respond deliberately to our situation, instead of randomly or haphazardly. And it is because our actions are self-determined and self-directed. And that is huge. We get the Choice!

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