De-Coding the Path to Success, Principle # 5

How Big Achievers Do It

PRODUCTIVITY/TIME MANAGEMENT: I’m going to start with the answers. I’m going to give you things you can do right now that will solve this Time dilemma. We know the key is managing ourselves within a space of time. The gurus are out there. The suggestions and techniques for improvement will fill a room. You can buy training modules on Time Management. The information is there. That’s not the challenge. The challenge is doing it! Start your  day with meditation/prayer whatever you call it; mess free environment; work in 90-minute segments then a 10-15 minute break; exercise; 60-minutes per day of relaxation (not TV) with no electronics; put a $$value on your time and don’t do tasks with less value–delegate; Eat the Big Green Frog; don’t fight your body clock, do the high-value tasks when you are the most alert, fresh and on; Don’t listen to stuff about the early bird gets worm… Just get the worm. There can be good worms in the latter part of day; WHY to do list vs. to do list; learn and educate yourself; stop the screen sucking activities; review your day and week in advance and plan each….the list can continue. I imagine you could add to it. If you say, “Yeah but…” to any of these, then you’ll continue to struggle with productivity. Those who change their habits and do these…find time.


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