De-Coding the Path to Success, Principle # 7

How Big Achievers Do It

TAKE ACTION: It’s time to Take Action. I see too many people waiting for someone else to do it. Waiting for someone to help them. Looking for someone to deliver the silver bullet. I see a lot of people waiting for the perfect plan, perfect time, perfect whatever. An 80% plan well implemented is better than a 100% plan never developed. You know hundreds of stories, yourself included, of people who have Acted. Some succeeded and some didn’t have the great success they wanted. But they moved. That’s just the way it is. But not trying is not an option. An old Army sergeant, veteran of Korea and Viet Nam, told me in Ranger training, “Son, either go forward or backward, to the right or to the left….but do not stand there. They will kill you!” Here is what we learn:  Good intentions don’t count! We cannot build something based on what we are going to do.

Vision without Action is merely a Dream…
Action without Vision passes time…
Vision with Action can change Your Life…


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