Self-Awareness & Un-biased Coaching

Leaders Seek Un-biased Help to be more Effective

We see a lot about leadership. Layers of experts telling us what is important. For me one of the ‘absolutes’ about leaders is that the business owners or those who go higher into an organization must be more adept with psychological and relational issues. You’ve got to know about other people. That just uncovered a sea of discussion, but we’ll tackle that later.
How many times have I been told “my people aren’t motivated”, “we can’t get the right people”, “there’s a disease in my company.” Then I come in to ‘fix’ it. Well, guess with whom we begin on the fixing stuff. Right, the boss. In 30-60 days guess how well the team is doing on all issues… right again, they are getting in step with the boss. This isn’t sometimes, it’s every time.
So, the rest of the message is that owners, executives , leaders, and oh yes Board Members, must become more Self-Aware. Their ability to see others’ needs and perspectives gives them a real advantage in finding solutions, leading to successful conclusions, motivating the team . More to come on Self-Awareness.


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