Bold Step To Success

A litmus test for centering your Attitude
One of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves is, “Am I a fountain, or a drain.” There is precious little good news in the media today. If we stay wired to TV newscasts we’ll be in a foot race for the ledge of a tall building. The question means that we have options. Choose wisely is the caution.
We learn that along the way that we should be asking ourselves questions like: “What would I do, if I could do anything in the world, and knew that I could not fail?” And we find that however we answer that question, the response we will get is: “then do it anyway.” Whether you have a guarantee or not, do it anyway. Why? Because you are your own guarantee! When we accept responsibility for our success and acknowledge that silver bullets don’t exist, then we’ve raised our game to that of successful people. What determines our level of effort? Whether we will get up after we’ve been knocked down? Whether we will try when we’ve been told we can’t do something? Again the answer is: ATTITUDE!


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2 Responses to “Bold Step To Success”

  1. Les Colegrove Says:

    As you know Ed, (‘cause we both have been down this road) – I’ve been in the business of business and the business of leadership & management a very long time. One truism has not changed in all that time – ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. The beauty of this fact is that we all have a choice as to what our attitude will be as we begin each day. There is a great series of motivational books out there titled Fish. It is very light reading but makes three major points: 1) Be there for your customers; 2) All work can be made to be fun; and, We all have a choice as to what or attitude will be each day. If we are in a position to influence others and if we consistently display an upbeat & positive ATTITUDE, it becomes infectious and it will manifest itself in productivity, internal morale and customer service.


    Les Colegrove

    Tampa Bay – USA




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