You want more happiness? Increase your level of discipline. Period.

That’s what it said. So, I read on. (A blog comment by…someone) But I liked the content as he continued to explain that we can measure our levels of happiness in all areas of life by the discipline we give to that part of life. Health, education, attitude, commitment, relationships, family, friends, and on. I examined my own levels of commitment to discipline. Some good, some not so much. That’s to be expected. The ones that matter the most, however, deserved a closer look. That’s what I’d encourage you to do. And pass this along to your friends, clients, family.

The author says the two are so closely linked that movement up or down yields immediate results. And sure enough just examining my own situation, he’s right. One of my clients has been re-committing her sales generation activities by doing something you might not feel is a sales-related activity. She reads more. The topics are specifically related to her activities with clients: expected results, anticipated challenges her clients might have, google research on related but somewhat tangential topics, and more. She’s in wealth management.

So when there’s a downtime, nothing scheduled, no ringing phone, instead of pumping emails or some other non-essential activity she’s reading. And Mr. Google has helped her find some interesting topics  she can take to clients. Information she can share with a client about their industry. This is where it’s about the Happiness:Discipline equation. Discipline to do the next thing. Discipline to build her business. Discipline to help a client in an unexpected way. Discipline to grow her relationships. What will you do?


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