Change Behavior:Change Lives

I’m just curious….

Would you like to remembered for what you say?…. By everyone?  Do you want others to respond to your message and wishes?  Would it be worth your time to be a better Communicator?

Learn to connect to others’ emotions through a story.

One of the things I’ve observed and teach to others is How to Decode the Path to success. Briefly, the Path is paved with 7 major stones: Goal Setting and Planning; Establishing your Purpose; Dealing with Change; Managing your Time and Maximizing Productivity; Your Commitment to what you do; Your Attitude; and Taking Action.

Are there other major steps we could include or substitute? Probably, but that’s a discussion for another time. You have to accept my philosophy for the moment.

However, there are several tools which help us achieve the success we seek. One is how we communicate with others. One is how we persuade others. One is how we influence others. And there is ONE TOOL which helps us with these more than any other tool out there—other than winning the lottery—and that’s STORYTELLING.

Use stories to Persuade, Influence, Inspire & Engage Others to take Action. Use them to enliven your presentations, build Credibility. Stories help you Communicate with Passion and build your Team. Your leadership performance improves.


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