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Heroes to Guide Us

April 15, 2016


From an early time in our lives most of us have Heroes, Role Models. They come to us from a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons. We consciously select some role models. Some are more accidental. Authors, artists, military heroes, family members, athletes, political figures, all are among the sources from which we commonly select when we are making a conscious choice.

Some heroes may be more accidental. They have actually left a mark in our lives, but they remain in our subconscious. We are less aware of their lesson…..….Until we need them.

Heroes are pivotal people and events that have helped shape our lives. We lean on them for support when we fail or need a boost. We use their example to adjust our flagging attitude.

As young boys in west Texas we had athletes for heroes. Football and baseball players were mine. I knew all about them, watched them on TV (we had 3 channels back then), read about their games, knew their stats. I tried to be like them on my playing fields.

If they did things a certain way, then I tried the same thing. If I could just be like them, I thought, then I would be successful. It was simple.

And….Time happened. I wasn’t the athlete my heroes had been. I moved on.

Like all of us I piled up life’s experiences, acquaintances, and events. People moved in and out of my life. And…….They left impressions.

Some of those marks I didn’t see for quite a few years. Maybe I just didn’t see the importance of them being there. I didn’t consciously see their message….. Until I needed them!

When did I need them?….. At times when my attitude was really bad. At times when I had failed. At times when I needed a boost. Interestingly… my wife tells me that when we ‘need’ a cat one always shows up. I guess heroes and guides are like that.

!!!But my experiences and my research show that they are not accidental. They have been there. Waiting for us to see them. Waiting for us to find them again.

All of us will have falls and failures in our lives. We will make huge mistakes… and slip a bit. Our attitudes and outlooks on life will flag from time to time. All of these, and more, are why we look to role models and heroes for examples of how to stay the course, how to succeed, and    how to keep life in balance.

Maybe we will think of Thomas Edison at times when we want to quit. Maybe we will think of Ghandi or Martin Luther King for inspiration. Maybe we will think of Mother Teresa for steadfast beliefs… or John Wayne for bravado.

Whomever we look to it will be because at that moment we need support and confirmation.

You have heroes and role models in your lives, whether you realize them or not, and whether you have consciously called on them…or not. They are there. I enjoy helping audiences explore the presence of their role models. And look at examples of how they help us.

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to recall your heroes. Then use their examples to guide your attitude at the times when you need them the most.

Why do we want to know about role models? …..we could probably list a lot of reasons, but here are a few that I find are relevant every day:

It is important for you as a leader to know about your Heroes for your personal guidance.

It is important for you to know about Heroes so you can guide your Team and help them identify theirs.


It is important for you to get the information today and pass it on. This is information we pass on to our team, customers, suppliers, friends, peers.

It is not ours to keep!……Having the knowledge of anything is important. But passing it along to others is what builds you.

Helps you grow.

It Builds your legacy.

It Solidifies your place as a valuable Resource and a trusted Guide.

When I give talks on Role Models we look at Where to find Heroes, and Why we need them. We acknowledge our Conscious and Subconscious Heroes. There is a formula from Decoding the Path to Success that puts everything into perspective. And we learn about the Legacy and responsibility of being a Hero to another. That’s a huge one. Finally, we explore how Heroes help us perform Self-Evaluations.

Look for those significant people and events in your life. I ‘realized’ two within the past 5 years that had been there since my pre-teen years. I just simply had not consciously acknowledged the lessons from these two people. But I am confident they have been there to guide me.

Decoding the  Path to Success

Which Comes First, Success or Fulfillment

April 10, 2016


                                 LEARN TO THINK & ACT LIKE A CEO

Most of us have it backwards. We tell ourselves some version of this story: “Once I make enough money or find that perfect mate or land that institutional client, I’ll be happy.” We believe that outer success will naturally lead to personal satisfaction. But the tabloids remind us that this is a myth every time they provide a glimpse of the rich, famous, and miserable.

That’s not to say that material pursuits should be disregarded, but don’t expect a pot of joy at the end of that rainbow. If anything, the inverse is true: happiness leads to material success because it informs your attitude. It even influences your luck.

In his book, The Luck Factor, Dr. Richard Wiseman describes a study in which he asked students to complete a series of personality tests that characterized their worldview as optimistic or pessimistic. Then both types were instructed to get a latte at a local coffee shop. Their instructions, of course, were part of a setup. Wiseman taped a crisp $5 bill on the sidewalk just outside the coffee shop, planted a “millionaire” at a table inside, and situated himself so he could surreptitiously monitor the scenario.

The subject who tested as an optimist spotted the cash and sat at the table with the millionaire. He struck up a conversation and before long they were exploring a mutual business venture.

The pessimist walked into the coffee shop without taking notice of the money. She sat next to the millionaire but kept to herself. After all, what possible good could come from talking to strangers?

Wiseman’s study is a good reminder that good fortune favors those who don’t wait for good fortune to inform their life experience. So, if you’re interested in financial success, smile more often, talk to strangers, and consider the possibility that a joyful outlook tips the scales in your favor. You’ll find that the cart actually follows the horse.(Credit for this great article goes to someone long forgotten. My apologies to the author, but thanks.)

Decoding the Path to Success